Two Political Letters Re: 1844 Presidential Campaigns

Two Political Letters Re: 1844 Presidential Campaigns
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Description: These two 3-page letters are addressed to Col. James A. Hovey, Esq. of Norwich, CT, and total six dense pages of excellent political commentary on Connecticut and national races before and after the 1844 Presidential election. One is from Charles H. Pond, February, 1844; the other from Joel W. White, March, 1845 [from the U.S. Consulate in Liverpool].
Some excerpts of the writers’ anti-Whig sentiments:
            “…Demos explain their good cause…secure that defeat of the Whigs…which the protection of human rights require…”
            “Whig principles. They loom up like objects in fog and always seem bigger than they are…”
            Re: Clay Clubs. “…likely to become potent engines by which cunning and unprincipled men will subvert the powers of the people and usurp the reins of government”
            “The Presidential contest was glorious. It must have laid the Whigs prostrate, also made them very civil.”
The 1844 U.S. Presidential election resulted in Democrat James K. Polk defeating Whig Henry Clay. It was a close race that was surrounded by such controversial topics as slavery and the annexation of Texas.
1844 letter: 9 ¾” x 7 ¾”.
1845 letter: 10” x 8”.
Item #AM00214.
Condition: Both letters have fold lines and small pieces missing at the fore-edges of the 3rd pages, some minor ink bleed-through and toning, overall in good condition.