Studio Pottery ‘Carp Vase’ by Frank Boyden (1980's)

Studio Pottery ‘Carp Vase’ by Frank Boyden (1980's)
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Price: $650.00


Description: We offer a large ceramic vase by Frank Boyden which is 18” high and approximately 10” wide. It is decorated with two sgraffito abstract fish with painted fins wrapping gracefully around the form and is impressed with his signature shell mark three times towards the narrower part of the base. Item #FA00155.

Frank Boyden (b. 1942) is an American ceramicist based in Oregon. Boyden studied painting and drawing at Yale University, but moved towards ceramics in the late 1960’s. All aspects of his work are infused with the quiet elegance of nature, right down to the rustic Korean anagama kiln he hand built to fire his pots.

Condition: There are a few scattered wire thin abrasions to the surface where the glaze is missing and some scattered tiny edge flakes to the sgraffito, otherwise fine condition.