Napoleonic Wars Era British Army Recruitment Broadside

Napoleonic Wars Era British Army Recruitment Broadside
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Price: $1,250.00


Description: We offer here an impressive 18.5" x 15" British broadside seeking "Substitutes for the Royal Army of Reserve." Promising a "Handsome Bounty" to "Active, spirited and patriotic Young Men," who wish to defend and protect "their parents, their wives, their children... now threaten'd to be murder'd, plunder'd and destroy'd by that sanguinary Tyrant, that accursed Fire-brand of War and Devastation, that upstart Corsican Robber, that Destroyer of the Peace of the World, the proud, haughty, cruel, rapacious, and ambitious Despot of enslaved Gaul! -- Napoleone Bonaparte..."

The broadside carries on in a similarly dramatic and inflammatory fashion, listing some of the lands already conquered by Napoleon, and exhorting Britons to stop him from "[completing] his barbarous Triumph over the Human Race" and "[extinguishing] the last Spark of Liberty in Europe," by "[rousing] to arms," ending with the steadfast declaration "Britons never will be slaves. God save the King."

The broadside is undated, but is marked at the lower left as having been printed by W. Thompson of Perth on July 20th. Item #DA00183 

Condition: Dampstained at the lower blank margin, a few spots of glue adhere it to a piece of cardstock (we were reluctant to remove it with a scalpel, but it is mostly loose). Generally in good condition and quite displayable.