Lot of Photos: Gunnar Kaasen and His Sled Dog Balto

Lot of Photos: Gunnar Kaasen and His Sled Dog Balto
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Description: We offer a lot of six photos related to Gunnar Kaasen and his famous sled dog, Balto. Two of the images show Kaasen bedecked in heavy furs standing with Balto in the snow. There is a photograph of the commendation given to Kaasen (incorrectly spelled Kasson) Another shows Kaasen and two other figures loading a sled, the last two are the same image of Kaasen standing with his sled.
Norwegian-born musher Gunnar Kaasen (1882-1960) and his Siberian Husky, Balto shot into fame in 1925 when they helped deliver diphtheria anti-toxin to Nome, Alaska. Balto led Kaasen’s 13-dog team overnight through treacherous conditions for the last leg of the journey, saving the town from an epidemic. Balto and Kaasen were touted as heroes and Balto in particular was celebrated with a statue in Central Park and a 1995 animated movie.
Photos measure: 10” x 8 1/8”. Includes a children’s book about the story of Balto and Kaasen’s journey delivering the anti-toxin: The Bravest Dog Ever: The True Story of Balto. Item #P00132.
Condition: Photos have creases, tears and chips, some repairs were made with archival tissue tape.