Late 19th Century Sioux or Cheyenne Beaded Moccasins

Late 19th Century Sioux or Cheyenne Beaded Moccasins
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Price: $900.00


Description: We offer a pair of late 19th century beaded moccasins, likely from the Sioux or Cheyenne. They are 11" x 4 ½”, sewn from two pieces of leather with the upper ankles trimmed in red and white gingham. The soles are made from thicker hide and show some wear. The “lazy stitch” sewn beads are in “buffalo tracks” or “part-between” formation in dark blue with a white background, and opened step triangles in green, yellow, dark blue, light blue and brass. There are four larger triangles with a smaller triangle centered at the toe, a motif popular with the Cheyenne Tribe, and squares of blue edged in red around the ankles. A distinguishing red and green feather-like pattern down the middle of the “buffalo track” sets these apart. Item #AM00168.

Condition: The red beads seem to be more fragile than the other colors and there are some losses in those areas, the left moccasin has an 1/4" square area of missing white beads near the sole on the right, overall very good condition.