Andrew Lang Autograph Letter Signed

Andrew Lang Autograph Letter Signed
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Description: This self-deprecating note from author Andrew Lang reads: "Dear Madam, I am obliged to you for the interest you are good enough to take in my writing, but I think you will find the autographs of the dead more pleasant to collect than those of living scribes. Faithfully yours, A. Lang." Written on a single full sheet of Lang's 7" x 9" stationery, folded in half, with his London address printed in the upper right. Item #A00366

A prolific Scottish poet, author, and folklorist, Andrew Lang (1844-1912) is best remembered for the collections of fairy tales he edited, generally known as 'Andrew Lang's Fairy Books,' or 'The Colored Fairy Books.' The twelve volumes, each with a different color in the title, present over 400 tales from a wide variety of cultures around the world; for many of the stories, it was the first printing in English -- Lang's wife and a team of others did much of the translating.

Condition: Has an extra horizontal fold and a very faint spot of soil in the blank bottom margin; generally excellent.