1981 John Gardner Accepts Invitation to Student Lecture Series at Saint Michael’s

1981 John Gardner Accepts Invitation to Student Lecture Series at Saint Michael’s
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Description: On Oct 8, 1981, John Gardner wrote to the Student Lecture Chairman of Saint Michael’s College, Vermont, accepting an invitation to participate in the Student Lecture Series. He proposes to “talk about morality in art or, preferably, come and do a reading and talk more informally with students interested in writing,” and states, “What interests me most lately is lecturing on the writing process, since that’s the thing I have the most to say about, whether or not it’s as smart as I hope.” He cautions, however, about his talking fee: “But I cost a fair amount--that being the only way I know to hold the number of engagements I get. Usually I ask for $2,000 and expenses ($3,000 in Texas), though I have been known to negotiate down-ward.” He adds, “If this is simply out of question, thanks for thinking of me. If it’s not too far out of line, let’s speak further.” The letter is signed, “Best, John Gardner.”
Typed on 8 ½” x 11” ivory laid stationery imprinted: “State University of New York at Binghamton, New York”. Transmittal envelope, which is signed under the return address, accompanies the letter. Item #A01072.
John Gardner (1933-1982) was a well-known American novelist, essayist, and critic. In 1981, he was teaching in the Creative Writing Program at SUNY, Binghamton. He is best remembered for his novel Grendel (1971), a retelling of the Beowulf legend from the monster’s point of view and his books on the craft of writing, The Art of Fiction and On Becoming a Novelist.
Condition: Fold lines, paperclip stain in blank left margin, otherwise very good condition.