1960 Forrest King Moses Signed Painting “Gathering Sap”

1960 Forrest King Moses Signed Painting “Gathering Sap”
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Price: $1,650.00


Description: We offer an original painting by Forrest King Moses. The painting is 16”x 24” and is signed at the lower right "Forrest K. Moses". It is presented in its original pine cove frame with the outside dimensions 20” x 28”. Moses' custom paper label on verso notes the title as “Gathering Sap” and the year 1960, underneath an image of Moses at his easel. Spritely figures tend to sap buckets, sled down little hills and feed the chickens in an unnamed rural village, complete with a covered bridge: a pastoral memory of late winter chores and leisure. Item #FA00169.

Forrest King Moses (1893-1974) was the son of Thomas Salmon Moses and Anna Mary Robertson (Grandma Moses). He helped his mother with the family farm in Eagle Bridge after his father died in 1927. Moses didn’t start painting until he was 56, which was early by his mother’s standards. He worked with the same lively, primitive sensibility that she developed and presumably didn’t start signing his paintings “Moses” until after she had passed, as to not capitalize on his mother’s fame, however this painting is dated 1960, Grandma Moses died in 1961. A number of his paintings are in collection at the Bennington Museum

Provenance: This piece was purchased by us from a direct descendant.

Condition: Fine condition.