1937 Humorous Anti-Franklin Roosevelt Campaign Broadside

1937 Humorous Anti-Franklin Roosevelt Campaign Broadside
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Description: This 1937 broadside pokes fun at the Roosevelt administration through a fake, satirical auction being held by the Republican Party. The auction, to be held on January 20, 1937, Roosevelt’s inauguration day, advertises such items as: “1 Democratic National Platform—never used, —good as new”, “One Big Chisel, Racketeer Style, —for use in Radio Talks to Children”, “Large assortment Double Crossers”, and “Quantity of Soft Soap and Junk, including several drayloads of promises.”
President Franklin Delano Roosevelt (1882-1945) had just won the 1936 election in a landslide victory against Governor of Kansas Alf Landon (1887-1987). Roosevelt was heavily criticized by contemporary Republicans for his economic policies and the New Deal, which may be why this broadside lists the auction’s location as “at the White House (near the empty Treasury Building)”.
11 ½” x 5 ½”. Item #AM00218.
Condition: Lower left blank margin chipped, two minor tears have been repaired with archival tissue tape, otherwise in very good condition.