1915 WWI British Recruitment Poster “Come Along Boys!”

1915 WWI British Recruitment Poster “Come Along Boys!”
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Description: We offer an original WWI recruitment poster for the British Army. It is a polychrome lithograph that measures 29 ¾” x 19 ⅞”. “Come Along, Boys! Enlist today!” the poster boldly invites around the image of a jaunty soldier.

A quotation from a letter written in the trenches of the Aisne by General Sir Horace Smith-Dorrien seems oddly sinister today: “the moment the order came to go forwards, there were smiling faces everywhere.” The text along the lower margin indicates the publisher and series number of the poster: “Published by the Parliamentary Recruiting Committee, London. Poster No. 22.” Item #PR00317.

The illustrations is signed in the print: "W. H. Caffyn". It was printed by the Haycock-Cadle Co., London S. E.”

Condition: Some scattered creasing and wrinkling, but overall in good condition and not laid down..