1798 Thomas Mifflin Signed Document as Governor of Pennsylvania

1798 Thomas Mifflin Signed Document as Governor of Pennsylvania
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Description: Governor of Pennsylvania Thomas Mifflin (1744-1800) signed in the left blank margin of this vellum part-printed land transfer document, below the affixed 8-pointed star seal of Pennsylvania. The document records the purchase of a 990 acre tract of land called “Mansfield” that is situated “upon the Waters of the first Fork of Pine Creek in District No 1 in… Lycoming County” on May 10, 1798 by Moore Wharton, Joseph Thomas, Thomas Greeves, and Gideon Hill Wells.
Mifflin served as a Major General in the Continental Army and as Quartermaster General during the American Revolution. He ventured into politics, serving as a delegate and then President of the Continental Congress. Mifflin attended the Constitutional Convention in 1787 and was a signer of the U.S. Constitution. He also replaced Benjamin Franklin as President of Pennsylvania in 1788, and became the first Governor of Pennsylvania (1790-1799).
This document is also signed on the verso by Timothy Matlack (1736-1826), the penmanship master who was chosen to write out the Declaration of Independence. Matlack was a brewer and beer bottler who became a popular and influential leader during the American Revolution. He served as Secretary of Pennsylvania during the war and was a delegate to the Second Continental Congress. His penmanship has inspired a number of modern typefaces.
11 ½” x 20 5/8”. Beneath the printed vignette of the seal of Pennsylvania are the words: “Printed by F. & R. Bailey.” Also signed at the bottom by Deputy Secretary James Trimble. Two diamond-shaped seals on verso, one of which is the reverse of the Pennsylvania state seal. Item #A00817.
Condition: Fold lines, overall soil, foxing, remnants of tape along top edge of verso, otherwise good condition.